Toys for men rings vibrators for penis of high quality and durability

USD$ 48

Play for men the vibrator rings for the penis of high quality and durability, If you are looking for a new sexual approach, Vibe Rings are a powerful, totally unique choice. Combining a stretchable cock ring with a powerful bullet vibrator, our 4 models Vibe Ring all work to give you a different, new kind of pleasure:
Tickle: Ideal for use with a partner. Like a Rabbit-type vibrator, Tickles textured section adds stimulation, and can be placed on the top or bottom of the penis.
Strength: For maximum pressure, the Strength Vibe Ring uses two bands at once to double up force, backed up with a powerful bullet vibrator for unmatched orgasmic power.
Eight: Another great choice for partners, the Eight lets people use the cock ring at once, with the vibrator in the middle building up to a truly intimate sexual experience.
Stretch: The Stretch is mainly for scrotal use, letting you build up to really satisfying orgasm. Definitely a great choice for the more adventurous user.